jeffreyvonglahn finalMy experience as Jessica’s therapist (Jessica: The autobiography of an infant ) was, overall, a totally mesmerizing experience, and one that I would without a second’s hesitation do again even though it occupied untold hours, as well as many years of my life if one includes writing the book, which took about 20 years. What I was most struck by, and what made the most lasting impression on me, was how Jessica’s infant mind compared to my adult mind, and with all the other so-called developed minds I had come to know. As Jessica described more and more of her very early experiences, and in such minute detail, I became more and more envious at how her mind operated during those earliest days of her life. She was so curious, so interested, so fascinated, so eager, and so sensitive to what was happening around her. She was so eager to be a part of that “big, working thing.”